History of Marine Biology

The history of marine biology may have started as early as 1200 BC when the Phoenicians began ocean voyages using celestial navigation. References to the sea were stated in Greek mythology, particularly in the poems of "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey". These books mostly refer to the sea as a means of transportation or food though. It wasn't until the writings of Aristotle from 384-322 BC that specific references of marine life were recorded though. Aristotle identified a variety of species of marine life. The study of biology started as early as 2000 to 3000 BC. China, Egypt, and India started studying the biological processes associated with animals, medicine, and agriculture. But the Greeks were possibly the first to have a basic understanding of biology. In the 1600's, biology had major interests due to the invention of the microscope. Through the years, marine biology has grown and continues to grow.